In this blog, we will discuss the basic concepts related to bearing, types of bearings: Radial bearing, thrust bearing, sliding contact bearing, and rolling contact bearing. …

Hello everyone! I am sathvika. Currently I am working as social media marketing intern at mechomotive. It was a great experience to work with them. I got introduced to various platforms like reddit,Medium ,quora, linkedin, twitter etc..Before I was new to some of the platforms like reddit and medium but…

Introduction of Lancashire Boiler

Lancashire boiler is a stationary, fire tube, internally fired, natural circulation horizontal boiler.
It is widely used due to its ability to burn coal of inferior quality and for better steaming quality. Working pressure range up to 20 atm. and capacity up to 9000 kg/hr.

Construction of Lancashire Boiler

The Lancashire boiler has a…

Loeffler boiler is a water tube boiler and also used for forced circulation of water. It is used for superheated steam and power generation. This is a high-pressure boiler that produced pressure up to 100 bar. …

Introduction of a Steam Generator/Boiler

Steam is one of the most important working substances in the engineering field. Steam is basically required for power generation, process heating, and space heating applications. …

First law of Thermodynamics is based on Energy conservation.

According to this law , work and heat both are the forms of energy and for a cyclic process , net heat transfer is equal to net work transfer.

i.e.,Qnet = Wnet

The result of first law is based on experiments…



An elastic machine element, which deflects under external load action and returns to its original shape on load removal.

It can take any shape and form depending upon the application.

They have various forms of design made of round and rectangular wires, some of flat plates, coned discs…

Introduction of Cochran Boiler

The Cochran boiler is a vertical, multitube boiler used for small capacity steam generation. It is available in different sizes of evaporative capacity ranging from 150 to 3000 kg/hr and working pressure up to 20 bar.

Construction of Cochran boiler

The Cochran boiler consists of a cylindrical shell having a hemispherical crown. The furnace…

Introduction of Locomotive Boiler

The locomotive boiler is a horizontal, multi-tubular, natural circulation, artificial draught, internally fired, portable boiler. The unit is designed to the capability of meeting the sudden and fluctuating demand of steam.
Working pressure range- up to 18 bar
Capacity– 50–70 kg/minutes square of heating surface/hr.


Limit of Fluctuating stresses

All components subjected to fluctuating stresses contains a Max. Stress Amplitude value for which it completes infinite cycles(106) of revolutions. This max. value of Stress Amplitude with a definite magnitude gave us concept of ENDURANCE LIMIT(E.L)


Laboratory method of determining Endurance Limit of materials ,although being…

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